The Walk - Statistics

Twelve women and men started and completed the walk.
They were accompanied by Bill Glover representing The Wayfarers, as Walk Leader.
Walk management was by Dave Sanderson of The Wayfarers.
The youngest walker was 37 and the eldest was 69.
All walkers completed the entire first day.
On each of the other days one or two walkers opted out of short segments for side tours or early arrival at the hotel.
Five walkers completed all miles, not opting for any of the non-walking activities.
Walkers hailed from Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New York, and Ohio.

Lake District
Yorkshire Dales
Yorkshire Moors
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Total
Miles walked* 19 17.2 12.1 13.1 12.5 10.8 84.7
Steps taken** 41,758 37,771 26,552 28,763 29,528 23,740 188,112
*Miles are taken from a pedometer calibrated to stride on level ground before the walk. Given shorter stride on rough terrain or slight inclines during the actual walk, the true milage is likely lower.
** Steps are taken from a pedometer. Two walkers wore pedometers and the number of steps recorded on each were within one percent of one another.

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