I thought I was the only one still making blankets and other crafts from these fun to make little weave-it squares. I started in the 1960's using a loom that my grandfather made. Later I found a commerically made 4 inch loom and set grandpa's aside to be saved.

The plastic model I use most often is made by the Hero Manufacturing Company of Middleboro, Mass, U.S.A. That's "Mass" not MA, and there is no Zip Code listed which in itself dates the item.

Some of my work with weave-it.®: 

Mauves, blues, and pinks
A little wild but my husband likes it
Country Red White & Blue

My looms:
2inch loom
4 inch loom
Homemade loom

For a history of the Weave-it® and much more insight into this craft visit eLoomaNation.com.

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Weave-it® - Around since the last century and still popular.